VB042: Holy Spirit – Revitalized

Holy Spirit – Revitalized

[Rom 8:11]

Often I think of the pressures and stresses that affect so many people’s lives. They take their kids back and forth to school and to sporting events. They go to church functions, to the grocery store, and back and forth to work. This puts a lot of stress on the mind and the body as they try to keep up with the hectic pace.

Then we finally they get home in the evening. Rest – what is that? No, you just get to change jobs! A different kind of work, that’s all. You have to maintain your house. The lawn needs mowed, dinner needs to be cooked and groceries have to be put away, dishes need to be done. The children need to be cared for and disciplined (hopefully you discipline them). Walking through the door into the house is not the end of your work day.

Then there are church responsibilities. Church is important and should be treated so, but you may have exhausted so much energy on other important things in life that when you finally get around to church, you feel dog-tired and unmotivated. This makes you feel guilty or maybe even condemned, but this isn’t a question of “want to,” it’s a question of energy. Already your body and mind have almost been pushed to the brink!

Then there are family responsibilities. If you are the care-giver for someone in your family, you know that requires energy, too. It isn’t an obligation – it’s a privilege to take care of family or friends. Nonetheless, it takes time and energy. Then you have your cousins, aunts, uncles, brother, sisters, and grandparents. It requires work with these precious people just to keep up with birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, and weddings. Your time, energy, and finances are invested in all directions.

How about friendship responsibilities? Friendships require time and attention. You want to be there for a friend in good times and bad. You spend time with your friends because you need and enjoy their fellowship. But all this requires time and energy, too.

Don’t forget the financial challenges and pressures. Life is expensive! You have car insurance, house payments, credit card bills, groceries, and utility bills. Kids are expensive – they play in sports and go to summer camps. Growing children constantly need clothes and stuff for school or college. Plus you want to be faithful in paying your tithes to the church, and you want to give special offerings to other ministries too.

But wait there’s more! You settle down to listen to your favorite Bible teacher’s podcast, and all you hear is how much work you have to do – but he finally gives you some goodness from the Word of God!

One of Satan’s greatest weapons is discouragement, and he knows exactly when and how to use it. He will wait until you are dog tired, weak, and vulnerable to his lies. Then he hits you hard in your emotions, trying to tell you that you’ll never get ahead or accomplish anything in life.

In those moments of attack – you have to turn to Romans 8:11 for encouragement.

Rom 8:11 (NKJV) –But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.

Look at the phrase, “He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.”

Our bodies have limitations. When we become physically tired and need extra strength to keep going, this verse promises the holy spirit will “give life” to our mortal bodies. The King James Version uses the word “quicken.”

“Quicken” comes from two Greek words; Zoe, which means “life” and it describes the very “life of God.” And the word poieo, means “to make” or “to do.” When these two words are put together, as they are here, they become, zoopoieo (zo-o-poi-ye’-o) it means to give life, to revitalize – with energy to keep going, to rejuvenate, to refresh with new life.

I believe is this talking about the Spirit quickening our mortal bodies right now, for strength and healing, and the quickening that will take place when we receive our glorified bodies.

So, if you will yield to the Holy Spirit who dwells in you he will supernaturally revitalize you. He will rejuvenate you. He will refresh you with a brand new surge of supernatural life. He will fill you with so much resurrection power, that you will be ready to get up and go again, praise God.


Lord, I need a fresh surge of power in my body right now. Holy Spirit, I ask You to release the resurrection power that lives in my spirit. Let it flow up into my body and mind, so that I can be rejuvenated and refreshed, with the power to do all that is set before me. I know my body has limits in the natural, so I ask now for supernatural help so that I will be able to do all that You have for me to do. Thank You Jesus, amen.

After you take a short break, speak these words aloud:

I confess that the Holy Spirit is quickening my flesh and rejuvenating me with zoe – the life of God – on the inside. I am refreshed enough to carry out my responsibilities. I am not weak, I am strong! I’m not tired, I’m refreshed! I am strengthened! I am filled with life, because the Holy Spirit dwells in me. There is not a single moment when I don’t have everything I need. I declare this in the name of Jesus, amen!

God bless you my friend,

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