About Briefings

About the Briefings

Briefings include warfare, victory, blessings, prayers, and faith building confirmations of what God has provided in His Word.

Below is an excerpt from my book Warfare Briefings – Vol. 1;

Spiritual warfare should be an ongoing lifestyle—an everyday activity—for personal survival and growth, and the liberation of others. After all, your adversary never takes any time off. The enemy will continue to take and hold captive anyone who does not know how to stand and resist. Our thoughts, words, and actions determine the outcome of our battles.

If you are a Christian, your spirit (the heart) was born-again, and salvation is taking place in your soul (the mind, will, and emotions) by the renewing of the mind. The mind is the battlefield.

The Church must realize that prayer is talking to God, warfare is talking to the enemy! We do not bombard the gates of heaven with prayer in order to get God to do something. Jesus delegated authority in the earth to us. He gave us His name and His Word. We must use that power against the enemy with an authoritative voice!

The Warfare Briefings in this book, are to build your faith and prepare you for battle. We must meditate the Scriptures, get the Word of God into our hearts, and speak the Word out of our mouths in order to have victory.

Each Briefing has two or three verses of Scripture to commit to memory and to feed into your spirit. The words you speak are like a two-edged sword. As you release your faith in battle, confessing the Word of God, the enemy must retreat. At the same time you will become more and more effective in the kingdom of God.

Warfare Briefings are not instant magic tricks for the mind. They are intended to help you get the Word of God into your heart. Expect it to take some time, especially if you are new to the idea of speaking Word-based proclamations out loud to your spiritual enemy. Feed on the Word and speak it everyday, and you will begin to realize your victory.

Some preach with much emphasis on grace, and others may over-emphasize faith. But we must have a balance of grace and faith. Some may say that Jesus has provided the victory by grace, and we don’t have to do anything (or work for it). That is correct for the spiritual realm. However we need to put our faith to work in order to appropriate spiritual things into the physical realm. Doing the Word (or doing the works of faith) will produce tangible results to enjoy in the physical realm.

So faith is your response to grace, and faith appropriates what God has already provided for you by grace.

God’s Word is like a seed. Take a word and plant it, plant another, and then another. The Briefings are not meant to over-whelm you with a whole bag of seeds at one time. However, by repeating these Briefings again and again, your faith will grow. And as you make your proclamations, the power of God will be released into spiritual battle for you.


Here is how each Briefing is packaged:

Read the Scripture and think about what it says to you. Get your Bible and read the verses that come before and after the verses used in each Briefing. Meditate (ponder, think about, speak) the Scriptures—get them into your heart.

Note: The smaller text indicates Greek and Hebrew word studies, my notes, and other helps for a deeper understanding. After gaining insight from the notes, you may want to skip over them and just concentrate on the Scriptures and the Confessions.

The larger text at the end of the Briefing should then become a guideline for your confession or proclamation. Speak out loud, the powerful Word of God!


It is not only important to speak words of faith; it’s also important to whom or to what we are speaking. Jesus tells us we are to speak to the mountain. The mountain symbolizes our problem or the thing we want to change (Mark 11:23).

Too often we tell God about our problems, instead of telling our problems about God. We must speak to the situation with the authority of God’s Word. Then we will get results according to our faith.

There is tremendous power in faith-filled Words. Faith is released by speaking words that carry what you believe in your heart. Believe what you say will come to pass. What you say with your mouth is what you get.