About the Author

Author and teacher, Dwight Hammond, is a graduate of World Harvest Bible College, and a member of LeSEA Ministerial Association.

As director of Cornerstone Ministries, Dwight produced Good News from the Cornerstone, a shortwave radio broadcast for World Harvest Radio International (WHRI).

Many of the outlines on this site were used for the Gileadhouse Bible Study, where several pastors of local churches could be found on any given Saturday morning.

As owners of EZPublications, Dwight and his wife Deb, have recently published several Bible Study Guides (eBooks) for your personal Bible study and inspiration, or for your Bible study group:

  • Our Step-by-Step Walk to Victory: Studies in Ephesians

  • The Feast of Passover: The Feasts of Jehovah Series 1

  • The Feast of Pentecost: The Feasts of Jehovah Series 2

  • The Feast of Tabernacles: The Feasts of Jehovah Series 3

  • Divine Medicine for Divine Health by Deb Hammond

His latest publication, Warfare Briefings Volume #1, is to help you put into practice the Word of God concerning several vital areas of your life: Conquering The Thought Life, I Will Walk In The Word, Rejoice in the Lord, I Will Watch What I Say, God Is On The Inside, and Victory Over Gluttony. This eBook will build your faith and prepare you for victorious spiritual battle.

Spiritual warfare is an ongoing lifestyle for personal survival and growth, and the liberation of others. The enemy will continue to take and hold captive anyone who does not know how to stand and resist. Our thoughts, words, and actions determine the outcome of our battles.

The Warfare Briefings are to build your faith and prepare you for battle. We must meditate the Scriptures, get the Word of God into our hearts, and speak the Word out of our mouths in order to have victory.

Each Briefing has one or two Scriptures to commit to memory and to feed into your spirit. Most of the briefings include word studies and notes to get a clear meaning. Then they include a confession you can adopt for your personal use. The words you speak are like a two-edged sword as you release your faith in battle, speaking the Word of God. This is the best way to resist the enemy. At the same time you will become more and more effective in the kingdom of God.

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The Victory Briefings podcast has been a blessing to many listeners around the world.