End-Time Boasters [2Tim 3:2] Today people use situational ethics – forgetting fixed values and moral absolutes. They take whatever aimless position that easily adapts to whatever seems necessary for a given situation. Folks with this mindset will do or say whatever is needed to further a personal agenda, even when it clashes with conscience, conviction, or truth. It is easy … Read More


Covetous [2Tim 3:1-2; Eccl 5:10; Dt 8:18] In Second Timothy 3:2 we studied the phrase “lovers of their own selves,” and it gave us a heads-up to the primary sign that we are in the very last days. The sign of excessive self-love is at the head of Paul’s list of characteristics of the degenerate society in the last days. … Read More


Self-Love [2Tim 3:1-2] People say, “back in Bible times” or “back when Jesus walked the earth” as if the Bible was only a book of ancient history. I’m here to tell you that if you are living and breathing today, you are living in Bible times. Jesus is alive and well and walking around today. Hopefully, He is walking in … Read More


Millstones [Dt 6:5-7; Eph 6:4; Mk 9:42; Mt 18:6-7] One of the highest priorities for believers is to set a holy example for their children through life and teaching. In doing so, they demonstrate sincere love for them. Christian parents must likewise diligently do their best to keep their children from ungodly influences of the world (see Mk. 9:42; Mt. … Read More

Days of Victory

Days of Victory [2Tim 3:1] The Holy Spirit urgently warns the Church that people living in the last days need to be ready mentally and spiritually for anything that the devil throws at them. It is God’s will that His people be filled with His power to be able to withstand the enemy, and be able to help some who … Read More