VB118 Personal Identification

The Bible tells us that we were alienated from God, but He reconciled us unto Himself through the body of His own flesh through death! It is through Jesus’ suffering on the Cross that we were reconciled, and we are able to present ourselves before God as holy, blameless, and above reproach in His sight. …VB118

VB116 The Matador

I think it is fair to give you another illustration of being confused about the Word of God. Since the weapons of our enemy can only be defeated by the use of God’s Word, I figure it is very important that we really know God’s Word. …VB116

VB115 The War Room

The Bible says that satan comes immediately to steal the word after it has been sown. He is after the Word of God in us. The devil knows the Word is alive and will produce — he is fearful of the power of the Word in the good ground of our heart. …VB115