VB032: Six Kinds of Prayer

Six Kinds of Prayer [Eph 1:16; 6:12,18; Heb 5:7; 7:25; Jn 15:7; 1Jn 5:14-15; Rom 8:26] This brief study shows us the various types of prayer in the New Testament. It is interesting how the original language has various definitions, making for many possible translations with overlapping descriptions of types of prayer. God has given us many ways and examples … Read More

VB007: Renewing The Mind

Renewing The Mind [Rom 11:33-12:3] The first two verses of Romans 12 are an appeal from the Apostle Paul to bring your body to God and give it to him to use. But all the great reasons for doing this are in the first 11 chapters. After the longest theological passage in the New Testament (Rom. 1:16-11:33) Paul reflects on … Read More

VB106: Commit Your Works

Commit Your Works [Pr 16:3; Dt 30:19-20] When you roll your actions over onto the Lord, your thoughts and plans will be right and aligned with God’s will for your life. Proverbs 16:3 Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established. Commit: from the Hebrew word, galal which means literally “to roll, roll down, roll away, … Read More