How to Release Your Faith

Foundation scriptures: Mark 11:23; Romans 10:10.

  1. Four kinds of confession in the New Testament.
    1. Confession of sin. - Taught by John the Baptist and Jesus to the Jews.
    2. This was not Christian repentance or baptism. These were covenant people being baptized in the name of the Father.
  2. Confession of the sinner today (John 16:7-11)
    1. The Holy Spirit convicts the sinner of but one sin today: because they believe not on me.
    2. He must confess the Lordship of Jesus (Romans 10:9)
    3. The sinner does not need to confess that he is a sinner; that is a self-evident fact.
  3. Confession of sins by the believer.
    1. Used when he is out of fellowship with the Father.
    2. If you have sinned, you know it. Don't try to drag up something to condemn yourself. That will rob you of faith.
    3. Confess it and receive your forgiveness immediately. Satan will try to take advantage of you.
    4. Hebrews 8:l2-The Father doesn't remember what you did. Why should you?
  4. Confession of our faith in the Word, in Christ and in God the Father.
    1. Whenever we receive from God, confession is made unto it.
      1. The Bible teaches believing and saying.
      2. We have been given the Word to straighten out our thinking.
      3. Confession brings possession.
      4. There is a positive side to confession. We have majored on the negative (weakness, failure and sin).
    2. What we are to confess.
      1. What God in Christ has wrought for us in the plan of redemption.
      2. What God through the Word and the Holy Spirit has wrought in us in the New Birth and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
      3. What we are to God the Father in Christ Jesus.
      4. What Jesus is doing for us now at the right hand of the Father (Hebrews 7:25).
      5. What God can do through us or what His Word will do through our lips (Acts 20:32).
    3. Search the Scriptures for all references to in Him, in Christ and in whom. Begin confessing them before God and men.
    4. Learn what God promised Abraham (Galatians 3:13-14, 29). His blessing was threefold: spiritual, physical and financial.