Faith--The Believer's Servant

Foundation scriptures: Luke 17:5-10; Mark 4:26-32.

  1. The Seed--The way the kingdom operates (Mark 4:26-32).
    1. Without the influence of Satan, the natural world would operate exactly the same way
    2. Without interruption, one seed would produce forever
  2. Faith has been given to the believer as his servant.
    1. Faith is a seed, planted (or dug up) with words (Mark 4:26)
    2. Mark 4:14-20 The sower sows the Word
    3. Luke 17:9; Mark 4:27 The seed is expected to grow
    4. The seed is the servant of the planter
    5. The planter sees the harvest
  3. The servant is fed (Luke 17:8). Faith must be fed God's Word!
  4. We walk by faith, not by sight.
    1. Mark 11:11-24
    2. Speak to the mountain
    3. Walk as if it were gone