The Feast of Passover, The Feasts of Jehovah Series 1

This is number one of a three-part series covering many details of historic Israel, and how prophecy has been and will be fulfilled concerning the feast seasons and celebrations of the Old Testament.

We should study The Feasts of Jehovah because they are prophetic types and examples, foreshadowing Israel's history and future events. They show what Christ would fulfill in Himself and in the Church. Some of the feasts have been fulfilled, and some are yet to be fulfilled.

The Feast of Passover, The Feasts of Jehovah Series 1 — eBook released © 2017, EZPublications, created from the original 58-page study guide. This is the same detailed Bible study guide that Dwight used at Gileadhouse in 1995.


  • Why Study the Feasts of Jehovah?
  • Our Study Approach
  • General Survey
  • The Passover Festival
  • The Feast of Passover
  • The Feast of Unleavened Bread
  • The Feast Day of the Sheaf of Firstfruits
  • The Lord's Supper
  • The Jewish Calendar

Use this study guide along with your Bible and notebook as extra tools as the Holy Spirit teaches you more about The Feasts of Jehovah.

This Bible study eBook will be a blessing as your study group works through it!